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It is especially interesting to find a pair of embossed matching flasks, one of metal, the other of leather. Along with a breech loading gun I carried a leather flask for shot and a copper powder flask. Also it couldn't have been made before because before that the company was known by a different name so the inititials wouldn't have been used.

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Would be interested in any info. The earliest flasks were perfectly plain. So you will appreciate my confusion because all the flasks I have seen, except one, have it looking right and I wonder if you can help me with this matter.

One of the greatest assets of the antique, the mellow bloom of age, had been destroyed. Finally, montgomery online dating a site with information on the flask I inherited from my Dad. Flight Booking Difficulty With Ba.

It was also used for priming cannon, two rings for carrying cord. It has a brass charging neck with one loading, used during the Mexican and Civil Wars. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Rub lightly with this until the spots disappear, looking for a dating headline then treat the whole with oil as already described.

These old flasks were made in two pieces, stamped out and then braised together. Should I obtain appraisal for insurance purposes? With some the hunters wear a high hat and are obviously English. Other rarely used materials for making flasks were brass, tin, zinc, sheet iron, and paper fiber.

Before metal powder flasks came into general use, there was a transitional stage of horn with two metal ends. On this occasion, then, the beauty of the flasks I carried made such a lasting impression on me that I later started collecting them. The charger is adjustable.

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Anything else you can tell me about would be appreciated. We have no idea if it's worth anything but are now interested in it's history. Number two, used for the Navy, is made of copper measuring nine and one-half inches long and four and one-half inches wide and two and one-half inches through. They are made of copper with a brass top. Any idea what this means and any idea of value for insurance.

Got an interesting bowl marked J. The average pistol flask measures three and three-quarters inches long, two inches wide, and three-quarter inches through. They were successors of the powder containers made of cattle horns which accompanied the earlier flintlock guns.

Problems With Dixons Skips. My husband was given a powder flask yesterday from his father. Under this care they soon develop a good antique copper color which I much prefer to the complete face lifting sometimes administered to old flasks in the name of restoration. Was this not a common covering?

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In the same illustration is an unusual pistol flask. Can this be from the civil war? An ornamented hollow moon shaped brass buckle with nine holes in it, was connected to the underside of the flask, supposedly helping the owner to carry it. This undoubtedly accounts for the material being rarely used. It is covered with a basket weave basket straw material.

  1. When I was a boy in my teens, I well remember the first time I went hunting.
  2. This flask was made by Frary Benham and Company.
  3. When I first started to collect these, many could be bought for a quarter but a good specimen today brings almost as many dollars.
  4. Army with a leather carrying cord.
  5. It is hard to find a good specimen of zinc flask because of the chemical reaction between the zinc and the gunpowder.
  • My son brought me a small powder flask he found to look up for him.
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  • It has a brass top made in the shape of a gun stock embossed like the carving on a regular stock.

James Dixon & Sons Mark

Any information regarding dating this piece and any history anyone has on the above company. Moon Maiden, I have a similar problem on dating my kettle as you do. James Dixon and Sons - Info wanted. James Dixon and Sons, were flooded, and the dies and stamps in the lower rooms were injured. On the bottom of this goblet are the markings for James Dixon and sons, however they appear to be different to ones I have found on the net and are likely to be early in the companies history.

James Dixon & Sons

Many of those found today are in very good condition because they were originally lacquered and this, of course, preserved them. They made flasks until ca. Yours sincerely Keith Lipscomb. American specialties are western scenes, particularly one of Indian hunting buffalo, speed dating young which gives evidences of being copied from a Catlin print.

If anyone one has any old pictures of Cornish Place or any info, please let me know. The average hunting flask was six and one-half inches long, three inches wide, and one and one-half inches through. Have checked that the screws are steel.

It is made of copper with brass ends and has three partitions, one for powder, one for caps, and one for lead bullets. It is eight inches long, four and one-half inches wide, and one and one-half inches through. Of all the ones that I have seen, pvc dating sites I have not come across this particular scene in order to judge the value.

The rarest are those embossed with Indian and deer, etc. Soon afterward, English firms began to produce them and there is no doubt that the earliest ones used in America were imported from England. Among those of copper I have a unique specimen acquired only recently. It also has two feet for the flask to stand on and a chain attached to each side.

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The leather was treated in a special way, in order to make it extra hard and I think was stamped to create an intricate ornamental pattern all over it. It is made of copper with a brass charger. When acid tested it showed up silver and a metal detector showed it to be silver.

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It is made of silver and brass gilt, has two spouts on the top and depicts what I think is St. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. If shot were carried in a metal flask it would rattle and scare the game. It is very light and perfectly plain on both sides. It is quite graceful with its high and curving handle.

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